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Settings (Buy SIM Android)

1.In the home screen, tap the menu button, then select [setting]

2.Choose [Wireless and Network]

3.Choose [Mobile Networks]

4. Choose [Access point Name]

5. In APN Screen, tap the menu button, then choose [ Add APN]

6. Inputting the following setting



       Authentication Type:”PAP” OR “CHAP

     (For HTC, PAP only)

7. Tap the menu button and save

8. Back to the APN screen and select bmobile

9. In the home screen
either [3G] or [H] icon will be shown for successful setup


Note: You will norice that NTT Docomo network will be detected but the icon next to it is having ZERO signal, this is normal as it only represent this SIM is only for data only but cannot make call


For Customers using Android LTE Phone, if you cannot access internet after the above setting, please process the following additional steps


Choose [Network mode]



Select [GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode)]

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